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R. Jackson and D. Moniz Present at Northwest Florida Dental Conference

Rob Jackson and Dion Moniz made 2 presentations at the Northwest (Florida) District Dental Association annual meeting in Miramar Beach, Florida. They spoke at two sessions. The first was about legal issues for dentist in entering and exiting dental practice. It covered such issues as employment contracts for new dentists and practice start up and termination issues.  The second presentation was about about human resource management for a dental practice.  

Both presentations are available in their entirety below. If you have any questions about an dental employment contract, human resource issues, or practice start up and termination, please feel free to contact us at Harrison Sale McCloy.

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Finding a Cure for your Collections

Attorneys Robert C. Jackson and Carla Appleman Thacker presented a short program to the Bays Medical Society in Panama City, Florida about how to improve patient and insurance collections in a private medical practice in Florida. The program presented a high level overview of collection techniques and laws in Florida that could aid in collections for a private medical provider.  Jackson and Thacker both practice in the health law field.  Jackson primarily works on transactional and regulatory matters, and Thacker works on legal collections.  A copy of Jackson's presentation is available below.


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