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J. Cole Davis was invited to speak last month at educational seminar for Partners for Environmental Progress

Hand Arendall Harrison Sale Attorney J. Cole Davis was invited to speak last month at an educational seminar for Partners for Environmental Progress, PEP.  The topic and presentation, Employee Intrapreneurs:  Create a Culture of Internal Innovation to Stimulate Creativity, Efficient and New Market Sales is featured in the article copy.

Speakers were asked to share strategies on how to create a culture of innovation within an organization opening the door to new products, improved efficiencies and expand markets.  Cole addressed Intellectual Property processes; encouraging businesses/organizations to formalize the ownership of an idea process. The questions of patents and intellectual property addressed in the beginning helps avoid future conflicts.  Tips, tools, lessons and potential pitfalls were discussed leading back to successful experiences.

Cole included information in the presentation regarding ownership of an idea/the entity or person who “owns” the idea, new business, patents, intellectual property policies and also, implementing non-competes for valued employees.  He currently advises businesses throughout the state and local government agencies including the City of Panama City Beach, the Bay County School Board, and the City of Mexico Beach, in addition to other regional entities.  He practices before state and federal agencies (Department of Labor, EEOC, FCHR, etc.) and also in local, state and federal courts.   He presently serves as an Assistant City Attorney for Panama City Beach.

The 200 plus members of PEP come from a broad spectrum of companies, non-profits and organizations with a common purpose of promoting economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in the area.

The PEP members represent the diversity of business and industry along the Gulf Coast including:

  • manufacturing
  • shipbuilding
  • engineering
  • construction
  • health care
  • finance
  • personal services and much more.
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