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Employment Rules to Live By - No.1 Hire Well

Employment Rules to Live By

Believe it or not, it's 2014.  And every new year brings new business and employment regulations. It is tough to be an employer today. It's hard enough to find the right formula for business success; add the wrong employees into the mix, and your perfect business formula can quickly turn into a recipe for disaster.  How can you guide your business and employees through the ever shifting sands of bureaucracy?

You need a long term strategy!

Over the years of working with large and small employers, I have found that the same problems often come up again and again.  I have developed some basic rules in my practice to help employers make decisions when times get tough. These rules are not a solution for all your problems, but I have found that by following them, you can often avoid even the most difficult employment problems. I have presented these rules at several employment law seminars, and, over the next few months, I will be publishing them again here.  Please check back often.

At these seminars, I have referred to these rules as "Rob's Rules," but you can call them whatever you like.  Just follow them.  There are a total of ten.

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