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    Probate & Guardianship Planning

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Planning an estate can be a challenging task. By taking the time to thoughtfully create an estate plan, you can identify those persons who will receive your property when you are gone. Your plan may provide for your loved ones and other individuals or charitable organizations.


Guardians are assigned to assist individuals who are determined by a court to be unable to take care of themselves (sometimes referred to as a “protected person” or “ward”). A guardian is appointed to make decisions for the protected person regarding general care and day-to-day needs. For example, the guardian may choose the type of support, health care, and education that the protected person will receive as well as where the person will live. By creating an effective estate plan, you can avoid having a court appointed guardian in the event of incapacity.


When a loved one passes away, working through the legal process can seem overwhelming to you. The most immediate task is to focus on making the funeral or service preparations and to honor your loved one’s life. When you are ready, we will guide you through the process with compassion and careful attention to your specific needs.

We also draft wills, trusts, and health care power of attorneys. If you have questions about the requirements and duties involved in accepting a trustee position or if you are concerned about making certain decisions, let us help guide you to ensure that you make the correct one.